Yesterday we went through the five best games of the Brady/Belichick Era, those games brought us the highest of highs, now we are going to explore the lowest of lows. In every single one of these games the Patriots were the better team and should have won. Every single one of these games with the exception of number 5 100% cost the team a ring.

  1. Super Bowl 42: Giants 17 Patriots 14

This is not only the worst loss in Patriots history it is the worst loss in sports history. To come that close to perfection and have it ripped out of your hands in the way that it was nearly killed me, Brady leaves the field with a lead late in the fourth, the helmet catch, and despite all that Moss still came within half an inch of catching a ball that Brady through 65 yards in the air. After the game my mom came up to my brother and I, saw how upset we were and decided it would be a good idea to say “just think about how happy the kids in New York are” we both looked at her in disbelief and I broke the silence by telling her she would never understand what it meant to be a Patriots fan.

P.S. There were 7 holds on the helmet catch

P.P.S I haven’t and never will forgive Asante Samuel for dropping that pick

2. 2006 AFC Championship Game: Colts 38 Patriots 34

Brady didn’t have any weapons, the entire defense had the flu, I can run through a whole list of excuses, but the fact remains the Patriots choked this game away. They led by 21-3 late in the first half and lost, that just does not happen to Brady/Belichick teams. In the second half everything that could go wrong did, the Colts threw a touchdown pass to defensive lineman, scored another on a fumble recovery by center Jeff Saturday, and while this was going on googly eyes Reche Caldwell was dropping every pass thrown his way. The thing that stung the most about this game was that it was a guaranteed Super Bowl win if we had held on. The NFC champ was the Rex Grossman led Bears, arguably the worst team to ever play in the Super Bowl.

3. 2015 AFC Championship Game: Broncos 20 Patriots 18

There was something weird about this game from the start. As soon as Gostkowski missed that extra point you knew it was going to come back to haunt them and it did. At some point they had to go for 2 and we all knew they weren’t going to get it, you could just feel it. The Pats were grossly outplayed and still had a chance to force overtime at the end. Denver’s defense played the perfect game and we still had a chance to win it. We were injured and usually I would be okay accepting that this just wasn’t our year, but I’m 100% sure we win that game at home. Add on the fact that this year was different, we were coming off of Deflategate and we needed to shove it down Goodell’s throat and we were deprived of that.

4. Super Bowl 46: Giants 21 Patriots 17

Another game that was weird from the start. The Patriots first possession ended with a safety, where Brady was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone. The Giants led 9-0 at the end of the first quarter, but we scored 17 consecutive points to take the lead before the Giants cut it to 17-15. With just over 4 minutes remaining the Pats faced a 2nd and 11 from inside Giants territory, Wes Welker was running free up the seam and Brady hit him, but Welker dropped it. The play would have brought us to the Giants 20 yard line and essentially ended the game, but instead we punted 2 plays later, and Manning completed another miracle pass, this time hitting Mario Manningham up the sideline where there was no room at all. A few plays later Ahmad Bradshaw fell into the end zone leaving the Patriots 57 seconds to score. The final play was a Brady hailmary from the 50 that fell inches away from the outstretched hands of Gronk. If he’s healthy he catches that ball, but then again if he’s healthy it doesn’t even come down to that. Welker has never lived that drop down, and never will.

5. 2010 AFC Divisional Round: Jets 28 Patriots 21

This game hurts the least because there is no guarantee that we would have won it all with the Patriots still needing to get past the Steelers, and eventual champ Green Bay, but the Patriots were better than the Jets and blew it. In week 13 the Patriots blew out the Jets 45-3 at home on Monday Night Football, they should have demolished them again. Unanimous MVP Tom Brady led the Patriots deep into Jets territory on the first drive of the game before throwing his first interception in over 300 attempts. This would have been a perfect opportunity to get ahead early and suck the life out of the Jets. Just before the end of the first half Pat Chung called for a fake punt which he fumbled, the play resulted in a Jets touchdown a few plays later to put them up 14-3 at the half, a lead they would never relinquish. The Patriots pulled within 3 at the end of the 3rd, but the Jets expanded that lead to 14 quickly and the game was never in doubt.


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