The 18 month ordeal that was Deflategate is over. There are no more hypotheticals, no more speculation, it’s over, it’s done. It ended the second Tom Brady posted on Facebook that he would not be appealing to the Supreme Court, effectively accepting a four game suspension to begin the year. Tom Brady, the ultimate team player, made a decision that was best for the team, a decision that will trolls say is an admission of guilt. Obviously it is not. Innocent people settle when they’re faced with an unwinnable situation which is exactly what this was. Even if he was granted a stay while the court decided if they would hear the case, the overwhelming odds were that they would not hear it. This means that while he wouldn’t miss the first four games, he would likely miss games later on in the year in the middle of a playoff push. That does not benefit Brady, and it certainly doesn’t benefit the Patriots.

Now that we know he will be suspended, a lot of people are probably wondering what exactly that means. People keep saying that he is missing four games, and they could not be more wrong. He is missing far more than that. When an NFL player is suspended, that means they are not allowed on the facility for the entirety of their suspension. Not only that, but the player is also not allowed any contact with team personnel. How hard can that be to get around? The NFL can’t keep tabs on everything right? Wrong, the NFL is going to have all eyes on the Patriots and Brady for those four weeks and if there is any communication, bet the house that the team and Brady are made examples of for it.

Think about this for a second, on September 5th Tom Brady will walk out of the Gillette Stadium doors, and he will not be allowed back in or be able to have contact with anyone until October 3rd. It’s not like he’s injured where he can still be on the sideline and a part of game prep, he will be sitting on his couch watching HIS team play like the rest of us. I never in a million years thought that this would be a reality.

On one hand you have the issue of him being completely separated from the team for a month, but on the other you have to consider what this will do to his mental state. Tom Brady was drafted 16 years ago, and he still holds a grudge about how many times he was passed over. Now he has to sit at home for four weeks and watch someone else lead his team. As a Patriots fan you can’t help but be excited for how he’s going to play when he comes back. Last year we talked a big game about the revenge tour, and that came up short. In life second chances don’t come around too often, and this is one of those rare opportunities. Tom Brady is missing four games for something he didn’t do, he is going to come out guns blazing with the fire of a thousand suns. It is going to be a true scorched Earth tour. His first game back at Gillette will be October 16 against the Cincinnati Bengals, I will be there, and I for one can’t wait to see the reaction when he takes the field.


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